It literally takes a small army of adult volunteers to “take the show on the road.”  A typical away performance of the marching show requires about 75 volunteers in a wide variety of roles that vary from driving rental trucks, to sound crew, to the hydration team, to uniform support.

In addition to the away performances, the Band Aides run the snack bar concessions for all home sporting events.  This requires a steady supply of volunteers to staff these events.  Additional help is needed for non-event support including: fundraising, social media support, sponsorship solicitations, clerical help, chaperoning, etc.

If you are the parent of an incoming band student, please consider getting involved with the organization.  Ask every parent whose senior student is graduating and they will all tell you that their one regret is not getting involved sooner.  Please take a look, below, at some of the various volunteer support functions that are regularly required and staffed by adult volunteers.

Bus Chaperone

Bus chaperones ride with the students to and from events.  Normally, the Bus Chaperones sign-up for additional positions at the away events.


The Band Aides staff the concessions stands for almost all home sporting events.  This is a year-round fundraiser for the program.

Equipment Helper

Equipment Helpers maintain, repair and upgrade our props, trailer and other pieces of equipment used by the band.

First Aid

A medical professional will be present at all away events and any home event the involves marching or physical activity.  A First Aid volunteer can be a doctor or nurse, but can also be a medical professional, first responder or someone that has been trained in first aid.

Guard Volunteer

Guard volunteers will assist the Guard in loading and carrying equipment and making sure their equipment gets to the field.

Hydration Team (Water & Ice)

The Hydration team is responsible for providing cold water to the band and staff at games, performances and practices.  The proper hydration of the band is a critically important function.


Our staff of photographers range from students and parents taking photos and videos with their cell phones, to professional photographers and everything in between.  The Band Aides hosts a HUGE gallery on Smugmug which is available to all students and parents.  Full resolution photos can be downloaded free of charge.

Pit Crew

The “Pit” consists of the percussionists whose instruments are too big to march with, like Marimbas (Xylophones) or Timpani (kettle drums). These students set up on the sidelines and need assistance in carrying the various instruments out and bringing them back to the end zone in a timely manner during half time shows and competitions.


Plumes are the feathery sticks that go on the front of the uniform hats. They are
expensive and delicate; it’s important to handle them with care and to be sure to
insert and remove them properly. Plume volunteers are responsible for making sure
plumes, plume bags, plume containers and plume baskets make it to the field/truck
for transportation.

Podium Crew

The band typically uses 3-5 podiums for each performance. Podiums are large ladders or platforms the Drum Majors stand on so they can be seen by the entire band. They are always set in front of the band on the “home” side of the field and may be required on the far side as well.


Our Prop Team is responsible for loading, unloading and positioning of the props used in the show.

Ropes & Blankets

Rope/Seating volunteers are responsible for roping off the seating area for the band at games and setting up banners.  Additionally they will set out blankets on last row for tubas (so they aren’t damaged when set down).  After the game, they collect all supplies and return to proper place in the band room.

Scaffolding Crew

When the Band practices in places that does not have bleachers (practice fields, band camp, etc.) a scaffold is utilized by the Band Director and the Staff to get a “bird’s eye view” of the band.  The Scaffold Crew sets up and takes down the scaffold.

Sound Team

The sound team sets up the Marching Band sound system, microphones, etc. at each performance of the Band (football games and competitions). No experience is necessary, but folks with live sound background are always great! The sound reinforcement for our marching band is the most expensive “instrument” we own, so great care needs to be taken in handling this equipment AND we have to set it up and take it down in a matter of minutes at each performance.

Trailer Puller

The Trailer Puller must have a vehicle capable of towing ~7000 lbs. They retrieve the trailer from the storage yard and bring it to the driveway or field as needed.  They will assist in loading and unloading the trailer, drive it to the event and assist with Pit Crew or Chaperones. After the performance, they will drive trailer back to the school and assist in its unloading.

Truck Driver

The truck drivers will pick up the rental trucks from the rental agency prior to the away performance.  These are typical consumer rental box trucks and no commercial driver’s license is required.  The truck drivers will assist with the loading of the props and equipment as well as driving the truck to and from the performance venue.  They will then drop the vehicle off at the rental agency.


Uniform Volunteers help issue, collect, maintain and support the band’s uniforms.


Our staff of videographers range from students and parents taking photos and videos with their cell phones, to professional videographers and everything in between.  The Band Aides maintains a Youtube channel with videos of all of our performances.  Additionally, each final run-through of each rehearsal is recorded and the videos are used to critique the performance and make adjustments to the show.