No experience necessary, come join the fun!!

A typical away performance or Friday night home game requires about 75 volunteers in a wide variety of roles that vary from driving rental trucks, to sound crew, to the hydration team, to uniform support. The Band Aides run the snack bar concessions for all home sporting events. Some needs start around 5pm. Some concessions spots don’t need volunteers until after 8pm.

For Rock the Ridge and ABODA we need to cover event support, our band’s rehearsal support, as well setting up, running, and cleaning up the event. That took at least 300 volunteers!

Please take a look, below, at some of the various volunteer support functions that are regularly required and staffed by Band Aides.

If you are not sure what might work with your schedule or other constraints, contact Cheresse Carson or Courtney Biller with any questions


Bus chaperones ride the bus to and from events. We are looking for 2-3 chaperones per bus (we take 4 buses to events). Highly encouraged to sign-up for additional volunteer positions if riding bus

(i.e.snacks/Hydration/plumes/Pit/ Sound)

Contact: Cheresse Carson or Courtney Biller


Band Aides staff concessions at home football games (visitor side), Rock the Ridge, ABODA, Fiesta Bowl events, Winterguard show and more!!

Looking for cashiers and food runners (food runners need food handlers card).

Contact: Carrie Roth at


First Aid volunteers can be a doctor, nurse but can also be a medical professional, first responder or someone that has been trained in first aid.

This volunteer will have provided

supplies and will be present at all practices, camps, home and away events.

Contact: Hillary West at

Pride of the west trailer


Logistics involves: setting up practice fields, scaffolding for practices, driving trailers and/or box trucks to and from events, repairing anything that need fixing up, helping/building props.

Contact: Brian Carson at


Hydration is SUPER important for the students. Includes: setting up the water jugs for practices, home and away events, hosted events and maintaining the water jugs.

Contact Tracey Andrewcavage or Jim Morales


The AMAZING media team consists of photographers, videographers, website designers, social media managers, and other creatives. They attend home and away events: practices, marching and concert performances, and even band camp. Photos are shared for free download via SmugMug and videos are published on the band’s YouTube channel.

Contact Alana Huels at


“Pit” consists of the musicians in the front line of the band. Volunteers are needed to help push out the larger instruments (Marimba and Timpani).

Volunteers meet in the grassy area between the F and E buildings at the end of warm up.

Contact Keith & Allison Shepherd


Sound crew assists the band by setting up speakers, mics, cables and sound system for all competition and home football game performances.

Contact Justin Cain

PODIUM CREW (Logistics)

Podium crew includes pushing out the podiums to the ‘home’ side of the field and on the “away” side of the field for our Drum Majors to stand on for all home and away events.

Loading and unloading the podiums and possibly adding the Ridge Logo banners for home and away events.

Contact Brian Carson at


Plumes are the white feathers from a band student’s hat. This involves wearing gloves and placing those on gently for each student. For each shako (band hat) we also place a cover for each student while they are warming up for a game and/or competition.

Contact Cherese Carson or Courtney Biller


Props are under the logistics umbrella and can include building, repairing, pushing and pulling props at every home and away event.

Guard Helper assists with getting guard equipment on/off the field at competitions.

Contact Brian Carson

Ropes and Blankes


Volunteers before the home/away games, rope off the seating area for the band and set up the banners. Blankets are set out on the last row for the tubas (so they are not damaged when set down.) After the game, all supplies are cleaned up and stored in the band room.

Contact Sarah Reddington at


Uniforms involve: helping students in the uniform room ahead of games/performances with jacket/bib snaps, finding alternate jacket/bib sizes if necessary, lending out gloves, shoes, socks, etc., and also collecting all the items afterwards and making sure everything gets put away.

Contact Hillary West and Jennifer Fergestad

and Erin Long (Guard)


The volunteers for the Meals crew feed the kids lunches and snacks on competition and special events days, as well as help run the Judge and Staff hospitality rooms for competitions we host. Volunteers have the ability to work at both MRHS and travel locations.

Contact Dawn McKinley


(Spring Semester January-May)

  • Ticket Sales
  • Ticket Takers
  • Uniforms (dresses/tuxes)
  • Bus Chaperones Media
  • Student Meals

Contact: Cheresse Carson or Courtney Biller