Band Aides Board of Directors

& Committee Chairs

The MRHS Band Aides is led by 4 elected officers, the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, as well as a group of appointed Committee Chairpersons who each hold a seat on the Board of Directors.

Co-Presidents – Eric and Lisa Best

This is Eric and Lisa’s 5th year with the MRHS Band Aides.  The Best’s graduated their first son from the drum line in 2020 and have a Junior that plays the saxophone.  The Best’s have served many roles in the Band Aides over the years.  As an active part of the team they have served as Co-Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinators, members of the Media Team, and Chair of the Silent Auctions/Raffles that are held in December and May.

Co-Vice Presidents – Anje Reimer , Seth and Carrie Roth 

As Vice Presidents, the group is in charge of the year-long concessions function.

This is Anje’s first year on the board as one of the Vice Presidents.  She is starting her fourth year with the Band Aides and has a broad knowledge of the organization, dabbling in almost every task at least once before finding a place in concessions.  She is a proud parent of a Senior clarinet and a Sophomore mello.

Seth and Carrie Roth are 4th year band parents with a Senior euphonium / baritone player and a incoming Freshman in 2021.  They are joining the board this year as part of the Vice President team.

Treasurer – Jake Lewis

This is Jake’s third year with the MRHS Band Aides.  His son is a Junior on the drum line and his daughter is Freshman flute player.  This is the second year Jake has served as Treasurer.  With another daughter soon to be a part of the MRHS band, he will be a part of the team for many years to come.

Secretary  – Jennifer Cooney

Jennifer is the parent of Sophomore twins.  Her daughter plays flute and her son plays the sousaphone / tuba.  This is her second year with the MRHS Band Aids. In her first year, she volunteered where needed and was co-pilot to her husband Jonathan, who drove the prop truck to events.

Apparel – Veronique Singh

This is Veronique’s 5th year with the MRHS Band Aides.  Her daughter, Sophie is in the Color Guard and will graduate in 2022.  Her son, Jaiden graduated in 2020, played bass clarinet and was a Drum Major.  Her youngest, Issac, plays saxophone and will be a Freshman in 2022!  She has volunteered in various capacities for the band and Winter Guard, and this is her second year being the Apparel Chairperson.

CHARMS Administrator and ABODA Chair – Heidi Zinn

This is Heidi’s 7th year with the MRHS Band Aides.  Her son Drake is the Junior Drum Major, plays euphonium and will graduate in 2022.  During her tenure, she has volunteered in various capacities for the program including Membership chair until her son Dallas graduated in 2017.  In addition to acting as the Charms Administrator, Heidi served as the chair for the ABODA 2019 State Marching Band Championships.

Elections – Scott Daigle

Scott is joining the board starting his 3rd year as band parent.  He has enjoyed volunteering various duties. He has been overseeing the Elections process for the last two years.  His daughter, Alexandria, is going into her Junior year playing clarinet.

Fairshare Administrator – Tom & Ellen O’Hare

Tom and Ellen O’Hare are the parents of percussionist Jack O’Hare (MRHS Class of 2022).  Tom likes money and Ellen likes music, so managing the MRHS band’s Fairshare program seemed like a good fit.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising is handled by a Committee comprised of select members of the Board of Directors.

Guard Representative – Casey Minker

Casey is the parent of two color guard members.  Elisabeth a Senior and Isabell a Junior.  This is her 3rd year with MRHS color guard.  She is available for questions or assistance at any time.

Social Media – Eden Long

This is Eden’s 3rd year with the MRHS Band Aides.  Her daughter will graduate in 2022.  Aside from her duties as Social Media Coordinator, Eden is also the sponsorships coordinator.

Historian – Candice Pinzon

Candice has been a band parent and volunteer since 2016 and in 2018 she became the media team chair taking the role as Historian.  She coordinates photography and video coverage of all major events as well as other special projects throughout the year.  Her son, a clarinetist, graduated in 2020 and her daughter is a sophomore flautist.

Logistics – Jodi Hamill

Jodi is the parent of Angie, a junior guard member and of David an alto sax & bassoon player that graduated in 2020.  This is Jodi’s 5th year volunteering as a Band Aide, and her 3rd year as the Logistics Chair, in charge of prop assembly and maintenance, equipment and transportation.

Membership – Erika Daigle

This will be Erika’s 3rd year as a MRHS Band Aides member and Band parent volunteer.  This will be her 2nd year in a Chair position.  Her daughter, Alexandria, is a junior clarinetist and will be graduating class of 2022.  Erika wants to encourage everyone to come join the fun!

Sponsorships – Eden Long

This is Eden’s 3rd year with the MRHS Band Aides.  Her daughter will graduate in 2022.  Aside from her duties coordinating sponsorships, Eden is also the Social Media Coordinator.

Uniforms – Amanda O’Camb

This is Amanda’s 5th year volunteering.  Her oldest daughter played the flute and graduated in 2018.  She also graduated a Varsity Color Guard member in 2020.  Her youngest child will graduate in 2028 so her time volunteering will be plentiful and well spent!  She sews/alters all uniforms, bibs, jackets, tuxedos, color guard silks, and anything else we throw at her.

Volunteering – Dolly Anderson 

Mom of a Junior mellophone / horn Brandy.

Dawn McKinley – Meal Coordinator