Feeder Nights

What are feeder nights?

Students both inside and outside our attendance area are encouraged to come out and join experience the thrill of performing with the “Pride of the West” Band at a home football game!  This includes our “feeder” schools inside our attendance area like: West Wing, Hillcrest Middle SchoolHighland LakesSierra Verde, Terramar

It’s a fun way to discover what it takes to be a member of one of the top competitive bands in Arizona!

Eighth graders with join the MRHS Marching Band to perform various “stand tunes” and the MRHS Fight Song. Eighth graders will also enjoy a pizza dinner with their new high school band friends.

Click here for a tentative schedule: Band Calendar.

  • Marching Season Feeder Night is at the end of September.
  • There is also a feeder side-by-side concert in January where the students perform with MRHS bands.

Ask your elementary or middle school band director for more information or contact info@mrhsbandaides.org