How to support the band with

Arizona Tax Credit

The Arizona Tax Credit Program allows individuals to direct up to $200/year ($400/year for joint filers) a year to the Mountain Ridge High School Band and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona income taxes. These funds are used to cover the extra band, orchestra, and color guard expenses that are not covered by the school district, such as transportation, instructional staff, music, instruments, and costumes.

The Arizona Tax Credit is an ideal way to fund your student’s Fairshare obligation for the year. You may direct this to benefit a specific student or all students. With one $400 donation, a married couple can send up to $400 to their student’s Fairshare account and get a tax credit for the year.

Ask your friends and relatives to make a Tax Credit donation to the MRHS Band to benefit your student’s Fairshare account! Any Arizona taxpayer can take advantage of the Tax Credit Program and direct their tax dollars directly to the MRHS Band.

To donate Tax Credit online:

To make an online donation to the MRHS Band through the Deer Valley USD payment portal (click the button below)

Click for a Tax Credit form to mail in:

When paying by mail or at the MRHS Bookstore, make checks payable to MRHS BAND, and include your student’s first and last name in the memo line of the check.

Other ways to support the MRHS Band program: