Mountain Ridge Color Guard

7-time WGAZ State Champions!

The Color Guard is the exciting, award-winning equipment component of the Marching Band. Students perform with the “Pride of the West” Marching Band in the fall and compete in Winter Guard in the spring. Like the Band program, Color Guard is a year-long elective for which enrolled students receive high school fine arts credit.

No experience is necessary to join. The Color Guard has an experienced, highly-trained professional staff who helps students learn the fundamentals of dance, rifles, flags and sabres. All you need is the desire to work hard, learn new skills, and perform like a champion!

Color Guard FAQ

Does Color Guard require time outside of school?

Yes. The season starts with Spin Clinics in May, summer rehearsals and Band Camp prior to the start of the school year. Once school begins, the Color Guard rehearses with the Marching Band two evenings a week. The Color Guard also performs with the Marching Band at home football games and competitions through the fall. The Winter Guard season begins in November and requires rehearsals and weekend travel to competitions through April.

I want to enroll in concert band. Can I also enroll in Color Guard?

Absolutely! Many students fully participate in both programs. It requires discipline and good time management skills, but many students are highly successful in both programs. If a student wants to be in both band and Color Guard, we can make it happen!

I want to participate in a fall sport. Can I still join Color Guard?

It isn’t easy. Some students do manage to play a sport and join Color Guard, but we recommend a conversation between the student, guard staff and sports coaches.

Where do I sign up?

Email, contact the Guard Director Ashley Schmit, or just show up to the Spin Clinics in May. Our staff and veteran members will provide the information to need to get started in the award-winning MRHS Guard!

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