New Students/Parents

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We hope to see you at our 2023 Start Up Day: Saturday, May 13, 2023. We are also holding volunteer/chaperone training for all parents AND students: Dates TBD.

See the Marching Band Start-Up Day page for more information.

Want to join? Please click on the “Register Here” link to join our Band or to simply update your contact information.

We are thrilled that you are are interested in participating in the award-winning Mountain Ridge High School Band!  If you are a parent of a current middle school Band student, or a parent of a student transferring to Mountain Ridge, there are no-doubt many questions you may have concerning the transition and continued participation in Band.  Our organization provides an outstanding support network for incoming students, and we work diligently to sustain a Band program of which the community and student membership can be proud.

Here some of the advantages and opportunities that your student may enjoy as a member of the Mountain Ridge High School Band:

  • Membership in the largest, and one of the most successful organizations in the District. 
  • Likelihood of academic success – the Band maintains one of the highest average GPAs of any group on campus. 
  • Camaraderie and support of older peers on campus.
  • A social network that promotes academic prowess, self-discipline, creativity, teamwork, peer interaction, and leadership.
  • Familiarity with the campus and new friends prior to the first day of school.
  • Opportunity for skilled preparation and public performance throughout the year.
  • Recognition for being involved in an award-winning program.

Especially during this year of transition to Mountain Ridge High School…Band offers consistency!  It is something that students know. Band provides strong peer relationships, a connection to the school, a place to belong, and the sense of security that comes with being a member of a large, thriving program.

Students: get ready to work hard, have fun, make friends and feel the “Pride of the West!”  Your high school music education begins in May with Marching Band Start-up Day, this year meeting via Zoom, and wraps up the following May with the Band Awards ceremony. In those 12 months, you will go to Band Camp, march, memorize music, travel, perform, and become part of Mountain Ridge High School’s largest student activity.

Parents: the MRHS Band Aides is a powerhouse organization that provides financial and volunteer support for the different music and guard programs.  The organization relies heavily on the diverse talents of its members.  Please consider getting involved and sharing the best part of your child’s high school experience.