Joel Domkus & Aaron Vogel, MRHS Director of Bands

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The George Hattendorf Music Education Scholarship Committee has completed its evaluation of this year’s candidates, and we are thrilled to announce that Joel Domkus was selected as the 2019 recipient! All the applicants for this scholarship are equally qualified to be awarded the scholarship and it was not an easy decision for the scholarship committee to select just one candidate.

The scholarship amount of $1,000.00 will be provided by the Mountain Ridge Band Aides directly to Joel’s college/university. On behalf of all the Mountain Ridge Band Aides, we want to congratulate Joel and wish him every success in his educational pursuits.

About the George Hattendorf Music Education Scholarship

The George Hattendorf Music Scholarship was established to recognize the lasting impact George Hattendorf has made as a music educator at Mountain Ridge High School and the Deer Valley Unified School District. This $1,000 annual scholarship is awarded to a student selected from submitted applications. To be considered for this award, students must meet certain criteria including having been a member of the MRHS band program for at least two years, aspirations for a career in a music-related field, an exceptional steward of the community, among other things.

About the MRHS Band Aides

The Band Aides, also known as the Ridge Roadies, is the parent support group for the MRHS Band Programs. Officially, the organization is called the MRHS Band Aides, Inc., and has a 501(c)(3) non-profit designation The group is responsible for chaperone support, show support, fundraising, and a wide variety of activities that help keep the program running.