Event Prep

EventPrep – Pride of the West Sponsor Spotlight

Are you planning an event – big, small, private, or for business? EventPrep has got you covered!

EventPrep®, Inc. is a cutting-edge full service event planning and management company. Their primary focus is to save their clients time, money and anxiety while planning unforgettable events. We are partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment. Their mission is performing top-notch events with over the top hospitality, direct ROI for our clients, complete client and attendee satisfaction, while maintaining our highest level of service for their clients. Whether seeking assistance with one aspect of your event—such as meeting planning, registration, housing or sourcing—or a start-to-finish integrated meeting management solution, EventPrep® will help you design the most exceptional event experiences! Thank you EventPrep for your sponsorship of the #PrideOfTheWest#EventPrep #Sponsor #Partner #Hospitality